COVID 19 – Service Update


Covid 19 Update to UPS Services

Various services have been affected by restrictions of people movement in restricted zones (tiers), where workforce (staff) are less than normal, extra covid19 precautions having to be met for every UPS staff and a huge surge in pre-xmas volume. 

Although UPS continue to operate door to door using driver signature/contactless delivery methods, here are some of the changes affected:-

  • Next-Day Guaranteed delivery no longer ‘guaranteed’ until further notice. Please do not book Next Day services if you are reliant upon next day. It only improves the chances of faster deliveries and often does achieve next day – it doesn’t guarantee it. Refunds are not possible on this basis. 
  • Maximum of 100kgs per shipment ex. China per AWBL.
  • Event code on tracking ‘An emergency situation or severe weather condition has delayed delivery’ used against ‘Attempted Delivery’ is 99% used due to Covid19 delays. It is more than likely NO attempt at delivery was made, but the journey will continue on the next working day.
  • Delivery Attempted – Quite often, delivery was NOT attempted but this is a trigger for a UPS event to show up some sort of update rather than nothing at all. Hopefully there should follow a description along the lines of “Due to operating conditions, your package may be delayed”.

Please email if you have any queries.