Parcel Changes Post Brexit


How will parcels be affected post Brexit?


Brexit does impact the way parcels are moved between the UK and European from 1st January 2021. 

Its is important to ensure you are aware of any new requirements, which we have summarised below. 

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  • If you are sending goods to the EU, you will be required to complete a ‘Customs Details’ form, which will be used to generate your invoice.
  • You must attach your Commercial invoice and labels to your order, which will be provided by us.
  • You will now also have to include HS (Tariff) Code numbers for your products. To help users, suggested HS codes will appear on-screen automatically. These suggestions will be based on the description of the goods you entered.
  • Alternatively, you can manually search for the correct HS code within the booking process
  • A Harmonised System (HS) code is used internationally to identify your goods. This may also be referred to a customs tariff code.
  • From December 22nd, HS codes will be required for all parcels being shipped to the EU from the UK.
  • From January 1st 2021, Customers will not need to pay VAT on their transactions for parcels shipping to or from the EU.
  • Goods moving between the UK and the EU will need to clear customs.
  • As such, specific documentation will need to be provided alongside goods to clear custom borders, which we will arrange.
  • Goods arriving in the UK will incur UK Import VAT and Duty.
  • Goods departing from the UK for the EU will incur EU Duty & Vat. 
  • The receiving party will be liable for these.
  • We are expecting delays at borders in the early days of Brexit.
  • From January 1st 2021, customers sending parcels to Northern Ireland will continue to pay 20% VAT on  transactions.
  • Goods shipping to Northern Ireland will be liable for duties and taxes. The recipient will be liable for paying these.
  • HS Codes will apply.
  • Specific documentation will need to be provided to clear customs borders, which we will provide.
  • From January 2021, there are no changes to the current arrangements.