COVID19 Global Service Update


(Last Updated: 16/04/2020; 3:38) Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update


Governments of most European countries have implemented various containment measures in an attempt to stop the spread of the Novel Corona Virus. Limitations do not apply to the movement of goods and UPS continues to operate a regular service.

We are currently operating Monday through Friday and serving our customers as usual. Despite current challenges, we continue to service our customers as best we can. Current circumstances may cause some delays in transit. For example, new border controls, reduced air freight capacity in the market, and local protective regulations and quarantine measures may all impact service.


Within countries, some parcel deliveries may not be possible due to the closure of shops or businesses, or restrictions in various postcodes, in which case parcels will be returned to sender. Undeliverable parcels due to this emergency carry either of the below tracking statuses:

C5 – Emergency


As per government announcements, most shops have been ordered to close until further notice. Please note that as a result shipments to UPS Access Point™ locations could be impacted.

For parcels requiring a signature, our drivers can temporarily do this on behalf of the customer to avoid unnecessary contact via hand-held devices. We kindly request customers to open the door, accept the parcel and state their name for security purposes. Parcels that are not signed for will be marked with code UPSID plus 11 digits of the consignee’s name as proof of delivery.


Due to the unprecedented nature of the current situation, the waiting times for our customer service desk may be longer than usual. For the latest status of your shipments we encourage you to use shipment tracking on



Suspension of Money Back Guarantee

Effective March 26, 2020 and until further notice, we have suspended the UPS Money Back Guarantee (also referred to as the UPS Service Guarantee) for all shipments from any origin to any destination.



EU Authorization Requirement for Exports of Personal Protective Equipment

Effective March 15, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including masks, protective glasses and visors, face shields, mouth-nose protection and protective garments can no longer be exported outside of the EU without an export authorization from an EU member state. This temporary measure serves to protect the availability of supplies of PPE within the EU in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Exemptions apply for exports to Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Find out more here.

A list of the competent authorities for export authorization in each EU member state can be found here.


Restrictions on Exports of PPE by European Countries

Several European countries have implemented national restrictions on the export of PPE (personal protective equipment) and other medical equipment, including exports to other EU member states. Countries which have implemented some level of national restrictions on the export of PPE include:

Belgium / Czech Republic / France / Germany / Italy / Poland / Spain / Russia

As this is a dynamic situation subject to change without prior notice, businesses shipping PPE are advised to check in with the relevant national authorities to ensure shipments comply with the latest governmental decrees.




Customs Documentation Required for Export of Medical Supplies out of China   

With effect from April 1, 2020, the Ministry of Commerce, Customs and National Media Products Administration of China requires all Shippers that are exporting Medical Supplies including Coronavirus test kits, medical masks, medical protective suit, ventilator and infrared thermometers to provide a Export Medical Supplies Statement and a Medical Device Product Registration Certificate issued by the Administration, for export customs clearance. Shippers must also ensure that the relevant Medical Supply to be exported is listed under the Medical Protective Suits Registration.



Service Updates


Saturday deliveries have been suspended.

Pick-ups and deliveries have been suspended in the following zip codes due to government restrictions (Red zones, areas not accessible) . Packages will be stored for 15 days.



64030 / 64031 / 64033 / 64034 / 64035


83023 / 83031

84030 / 84035 / 84036


86016 / 86077 / 86079

87038 / 87054 / 87056 / 87060

89064 / 89822



94011 / 94018



Pick-ups and deliveries are delayed due to local operating conditions in the following zip codes:

Modena: from 41010 to 41059; from 41121 to 41126

L’AQUILA: from 67010 to 67069; 67100



Pick-ups and deliveries have been suspended in the following zip codes:


6450 – 6458

6553 / 6555 / 6561 / 6563 / 6580




Pick-ups and deliveries have been impacted in the following zip codes:

07110 – 07120 / 07140 – 07190

07310 – 07330 / 07380 – 07409

07440 – 07470


07630 – 07660

26150 – 26190 / 26220 – 26230 / 26310 / 26340

26410 – 26470

26510 / 26560 – 26570


26730 – 26740


Customers will be called if a pickup can not be completed.




Pick-ups and deliveries have been suspended in the following zip codes:

3880000 – 3880999

3885000 – 3885999




Effective immediately, UPS drivers in Belgium are temporarily not accepting cash payments. For Collect on Delivery (COD) shipments, UPS will contact the consignee who can either make payment by bank transfer before their parcel is delivered or pay by card at the UPS service center. Please ensure consignee contact information has been provided for all COD shipments.



Asia Pacific

UPS operations in the region continue, with daily pickups and deliveries, except where constrained by government restrictions.

For the latest information in English on service impacts please visit here.


Imports from China:

Please be aware that UPS in China has enacted a weight limit per customer that changes daily. All agreed pricing is only applicable to amounts below this daily limit. Shipments above this daily limit may be shipped for a higher rate determined by UPS China or may be deferred to a later shipment date. Please contact your sales resource for today’s limit.



Middle East, Africa, Indian Subcontinent and Central Asia

Governments of several countries within the region are implementing various containment measures in an attempt to stop the spread of the Novel Coronavirus.

For the latest information in English on service impacts please visit here.




The safety of our employees, our customers and the people in the communities we serve is a top priority. UPS has implemented various measures to minimize the risks to which our employees and customers may be exposed.

We are closely monitoring the situation and will take the necessary steps to ensure minimum impact to service.

We pride ourselves on continuing to provide industry-leading service to our customers throughout this challenging period.